San Diego County Young Democrats (SDCYD) Executive Board, 2019-20



Executive Board Profiles


President: Javier Gomez

Javier is a lifelong Democrat devoted to uplifting the voices of young people in his community. He has high expectations and no one holds a candle to his ability to organize. He is a SDSU Alumni currently employed as a Field Representative for Assemblymember Todd Gloria. Javi is the reason the Executive Board runs like smooth sailing ship. He can be reached at


Vice President: Codi Vierra

Codi is the reason SDCYD will forever remain young at heart. She is dedicated to inclusive politics, upward mobility for young people, and always ensuring the Executive Board is mindful of including people from all walks of life at the table. Codi is currently Finance Director for Scott Peters for Congress, and is the Secretary of the California Young Democrats. She is the reason SDCYD would never lose a crew member at sea. Codi can be reached at


Secretary: Andrew Hellier

Andrew can be reached at


Director of Finance: Brett Weise

Brett is a lifelong San Diegan who is committed to supporting a government that works for all communities. He currently works for the 3rd City Council District in San Diego, representing the communities of North Park, Normal Heights, South Park, and Golden Hill. Brett has been working on tenant protection and worker cooperative expansion policies, and hopes to provide support for socioeconomic opportunities for all. He loves San Diego County Young Democrats, and believes that a broad coalition of young, diverse San Diegans can bring about meaningful political change. Brett is the reliable deckhand that works to keep the engine running, and can be reached at


Director of Membership: Marlena Balderas

Marlena is the resident rabble rouser. She is a Public Defender for the County of San Diego and is dedicated to reminding the SDCYD Executive Board that not every person is as politically as savvy as the Board. She wants to see more young, women of color get involved and will remain dedicated to that cause until she is too old to be a member of SDCYD. Marlena is the reason you're forced to read bad nautical puns and can be reached at


Director of Communications: Kevin Dobyns

Kevin is a liberal Democrat who has been active in the party since being a teenager growing up in Oceanside. He's a graphic designer and communications professional for the Kroc School at the University of San Diego and a proud alumnus of University of Oregon. You can reach him @kdobs on Twitter, or


Director of Community Service: Erin Hogeboom 

Erin is a beacon of hope and a ball of energy people can't help but love. She is the Director of Strategic Partnerships at the National Girls Collaborative Project. One of the coolest parts of her job facilitates connecting young girls with exposure to jobs in STEM. In her free time Erin's life is dedicated to service. This made the role of Community Service Director a great fit. She is the light guiding the SDCYD ship and can be reached at


Immediate Past President: Sean Elo

Sean is a jack of all trades who seems to abide by the motto, "I'll sleep when I'm dead." He was recently elected to the San Diego Community College Board after a hard-fought battle. He continues to support SDCYD members despite the fact that he cannot be a dues paying member any longer. Join us at one of our meetings to connect with Sean and the rest of our Board!

Hope to see you soon!