10 everyday ways you can help save the Earth

In 1970, horrified by the environmental effects of oil spills, pollution, wildlife loss and more, 20 million Americans organized on April 22—Earth Day—and demanded action.

Today, the need to protect the Earth is no less urgent. The planet is warming at an unprecedented rate. Plastics are choking our oceans (If trends continue, by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the sea.). We are losing species faster than ever.

To be honest, sometimes it can feel overwhelming. So today we are sharing immediate, everyday actions you can take to make change. By combining individual choices—including reducing meat eating, shopping locally, driving less and generating less waste—with systemic changes—such as voting for leaders at the local and national levels who will protect the environment, supporting the Green New Deal and encouraging your workplace to go green—we can work to turn these trends around and keep our planet healthy. It’s the only one we’ve got, after all.




Here’s a short list of everyday ways you can help protect our planet:



  1. Organize your own trash tag. Help beautify our world and keep trash from entering the ocean by cleaning up a dirty area—and inspire others by sharing a before- and after- photo using #trashtag. Pictured are a couple club members participating in their own trash tag

  2. Refill your soaps and more at Earthwell Refill. Located in Kensington neighborhood, this locally owned store helps reduce waste by allowing you to refill empty bottle with household products. Items include hair care, lotion, shower gel, hand soap, household cleaners, dental care and more.

  3. Eat at ocean-friendly restaurants. This designation is only given to restaurants that don’t use styrofoam or straws (unless requested), don’t provide plastic bags for takeout orders and more. Check out a list of local restaurants.

  4. Buy sustainable clothes at local shops. We’re fans of Carlsbad-based PrAna, or you can find additional local apparel and more at Simply Local San Diego.

  5. Go vegetarian. Even if it’s just for a day. Some amazing San Diego vegetarian spots are are Plumeria in University Heights and Sipz in North Park. If you are eating at home, you might be interested in ordering a veggie basket from Seabreeze Family Farms in Carmel Valley, or getting recipe inspiration from Cookie and Kate.

  6. Take the bus or trolley. We recognize the length of time it takes to ride the bus or trolley is prohibitive, especially in San Diego. But if you can, try to squeeze in a ride on public transit. And we will continue to work to elect leaders who prioritize public transportation expansion and access.

  7. Turn your computer off at night. In addition to being good for your computer, the amount of energy saved from this simple step adds up quickly.

  8. Take a reusable mug to the coffee (or tea) shop. It takes a little more thought, but imagine the amount of waste we could save with this simple action.  

  9. Entertain with upcycled materials from Bottles & Wood. This San Diego-based firm uses reclaimed materials, refinished wood and reupholster furniture to create hospitality products.

  10. Keep your lunch green. Check out glass containers and eco-friendly alternatives to plastic wrap.

Bonus tip! Organize your own rally like local students at High Tech High who are fighting for environmental justice.

Do you have a tip for staying green through everyday actions? We’d love to hear it. Email us at [email protected] or tag us in your tweet, Facebook or Instagram post.

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